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President’s Message

Greetings from NASJE President Jeff Schrade (AZ). NASJE has been active this winter! Read about Judicial Education, AI and some recent changes to the NASJE Board.

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William Brunson & Lee Ann Barnhardt

2023 Karen Thorson Award Winners

NASJE is proud to announce the 2023 Karen Thorson award recipients. Read about Lee Ann Barnhardt and William Brunson — their accomplishments and contributions.

Fundamentals of Our Profession

MEMBERS ONLY: The Fundamentals of Our Profession course is now available online via YouTube to our members.

See dates, topics, and registration information here.

NASJE 2024 conference

Save the Date: September 8-11, 2024

NASJE 2024 Conference planned for Tempe, Arizona September 8-11, 2024.

Courts have a critical role in free societies to do justice, to guarantee liberty, to resolve disputes, to maintain rule of law, to provide for equal protection and to ensure due process of law. Our courts preserve our freedom, but only through the daily efforts of judges and court staff who administer justice in our courts. Professional judges and judicial branch employees must receive constant education and training to achieve the highest standard of competence, ethical conduct, integrity, professionalism, and accountability. The National Association of State Judicial Educators (NASJE) is a professional membership organization supporting those who strengthen our courts through judicial branch education.

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